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I know what you are saying,

“Rescue My Phone was founded in the same way most companies are founded. The owner of the company used to work for other companies that offered the same services and found a better way to do it.”

Right? To tell you the truth the answer is Yes and No. The owner did in fact used to work for another company that offered the same or similar services. The difference is he did not only find a better way to do it, he found a way to do it honestly.

Some companies will try to scam when you bring something in to be fixed. for instance stating you require more than you need to get more money out of your pocket, almost like the shady neighborhood mechanic.

So if you are looking for a Computer and Mobile Device repair service that won’t try to scam you look no further than Rescue My Phone.

Here at Rescue My Phone we specialize in Computer and Mobile Device Software and Hardware Repair, we guarantee you a 100% satisfaction.

We repair all brands of computers and mobile devices like HP, Dell, ASUS, Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, just to mention a few.

No matter the repair we fix all issues from Cracked Screen, Dead Battery, Charging Port Issue, Slow Infected Computers, Lost Data Recovery, Water Damage and much more. We know how important your devices are to everyday life and business operations. That’s why we strive to be the best One-Stop-Shop repair business in Sarasota, FL for anyone experiencing a problem with Cell Phones, Tablets or Computers.

We are the best One-Stop-Shop repair business located in
Sarasota, FL for anyone experiencing a problem with a Cell Phone, Tablet or Computer.


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